Luca Sørheim

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Parent Directory - Info 1992 Info All Tid (From Memory) 2017- Photography Vinternatt i Rondane (Winter Night...) 2018 Painting - Process/Fun
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Ongoing project

All tid (From Memory) is a project that reflect upon how we use photography to fill an emotional void in the human experience. It's driven by an interest in how we relate to the continuum; to the fact that everything just goes on. How we relate to time, and how we use the photograph to mark ourselves in this eternity.

1: lyngdal, 97.
2: skumring i Butjørnet, 2000 (twilight at Butjørnet, 2000).
Physical: Inkjet print, aluminium and oak frame. 70x100cm.

Pictures from family albums are deconstructed into amounts of light (light measurements) and formed as a continuum based on a vertigo-experience of remembering. The prints are produced from a photoautomat, the same way as in the original photos. In the essay In Plato’s Cave published in Susan Sontag’s book On Photography in 1977 she writes that humanity still is in Plato’s Cave. The prisoners in Plato’s Cave are chained and unable to turn their heads, they only percieve reality as shadows on a wall. The ambition is that the image and reflection of the viewer, as in the cave of Plato, reveal how the viewer internally creates the memories they experience, thus their own perception of reality. The intention is that the photographs are filled with a memory constructed from a memory.